Blue shirt voter - Toomey To run for political office you need to believe in "something"…yourself, your principles, perhaps even your party. In this current environment, you also need the skin of an alligator, the endurance of an athlete, and a will of iron.

All those things were on display during the time I spent with Pat Toomey and his staff. The story of my time on the road with the campaign, from a foot-stomping welcome at State Committee in Harrisburg, through the God’s country of Pennsylvania’s northern tier on the way to the Bloomsburg Fair, and on to the Lackawanna Victory Center, is posted on The Daily Caller.

It was a fascinating look inside one of the county’s most closely watched races. It’s hard to think of two candidates who more directly appeal to their base and who offer the voters in the general election such a clear-cut choice for the future direction of the country. 

2 thoughts on “The Campaign Trail Is No Place for Sissies or Non-believers”

  1. Looking To Escape

    2010 is a gift to the Republicans.
    Never have the Republicans had so much opportunity to make it’s case and bury the opposing party and they’re doing not doing it.
    In the case of Pennsylvania, Sestak offers nothing new. While Obama is pushing the Republicans as more of the same old thing, so are the Democrats. Their relentless push for welfarism is pretty much the same program FDR had back in 1932 (at least FDR understood long term, welfare can be very destructive to people and the economy).
    I allowed myself to get talked into supporting Specter last time around. I certainly will be voting for Toomey this time around. Sestak was never an option.

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