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Pamela Varkony is a dynamic speaker who has inspired audiences from America to Australia to Afghanistan through her passion for improving the lives of others.

Whether presenting a motivational keynote or an energizing workshop, Pam’s multi-cultural, global perspective fosters new solutions and new thinking. Her unique ability to “connect” with her audience provides for real results; a high retention of concepts and a memorable event.

Pam’s wit, style and no-nonsense approach to achieving goals will bring attendees to their feet while driving home the message that we’re each responsible for our outcomes…no fairytales and no excuses.

Clients from the healthcare industry to the U.S. Government, from small business to non-profits, have benefitted from Pam’s extensive experience providing women with the tools they need to succeed.

An expert storyteller, Pam’s real world tales and adventures can help to empower and transform your organization. Her willingness to customize a presentation to meet your goals is a strength she brings to every client.

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Most Requested Topics

“Challenges & Choices: Leading through Change”

There is a difference between managing and leading, and those differences are never more apparent than in the midst of change. Quoting policy, writing memos, does not replace good communication and relationships. Leaders know that telling someone change is coming; explaining how it will affect them and ensuring they have the tools to navigate that change are two different skills. “Leading through Change” explores how to do “change management right through transparency and collaboration.

This presentation will offer a roadmap to…

  • Learn as much as you can in advance of the change
  • Keep communication lines open both above and below you
  • Look for colleagues who are positive about the change
  • Don’t talk negatively: Difference between concern & complain
  • Focus on mastering your major priorities
  • Score few early wins to build momentum for you and your co-workers
  • Not be afraid to make mistakes; they make you better

“Challenges and Choices: Leading through Change is designed to make transitioning from the way we’ve always done it; to this is the way we do it now, as smooth as possible. Your team will thank you for it.

“Defining Success…A Personal Strategy for the Future”

There was a time when women thought we might be able to have it all. Along the way many of us discovered that yes, we can indeed have it all…just not simultaneously. Life for most successful women is a tableau of sequential events and ongoing reinventions. Within the context of our personal and professional lives there is a struggle to define “success”. Once we have achieved the traditional definition, we face the challenge of how to use that success for personal fulfillment and the greater good. Such altruistic thoughts need not be to the exclusion of continued business growth; they are instead the door through which we can walk to the next level of success.

This presentation will prepare you to…

  • Define your current role and analyze where it can take you
  • Identify how to leverage the skills that got you where you are today
  • Create your “ideal scenario” for the next five years
  • Build a plan to transition to the next level of success
  • Keep your dreams alive until you can live them

You will leave committed to the pursuit of your passions, and with the desire to create a new type of entrepreneurial energy; one that reinvigorates your spirit and feeds your soul.

“Leveraging Your Leadership Style”

Women stand on the precipice of becoming a driving economic and cultural force for social, political and economic change. To implement those changes, and to leverage the increasing power women bring to the table, it is necessary to understand the differences in how men and women get things done: We are more observant, more intuitive, and more collaborative, yet we remain under represented in board rooms and executive suites and the hallowed halls of government. “Leveraging Your Leadership Style” focuses on our natural talents for multi-tasking, from being a volunteer to building a company…all the while impacting our career, our community and the world.

This presentation will provide you with the tools to…

  • Analyze your communication style and the style of those around you
  • Demonstrate the strength of positive, professional leadership skills
  • Promote collaboration and be an effective team player
  • Understand the best way to manage “up” and “down”
  • Build the confidence necessary to take your career to the next level

“Leveraging Your Leadership Style” will give you the tools you need to set and achieve your goals. It is a riveting look at how you as a woman can affect the future.

“Courage, Character & Commitment”

Throughout history women have used their courage, character, and commitment, and yes, even their charm to better their lives and further their ambitions. This fascinating look as the lessons other women have taught us is reflected through the prism of your own experiences. Standing alone on your principles, standing up for your values, and staying the course, are challenges we’ve all encountered along the way. That MBA you’ve earned in “Life Lessons” entitles you to more personal fulfillment, more success in your career, and deeper relationships.

This presentation will inspire you to…

  • Appreciate those whose courage led to the rights we now enjoy
  • Understand your power & influence in the political process
  • Be determined to live life by your own values and not be defined by others
  • Learn from your mistakes and come out stronger on the other side
  • Commit to building a better future for the next generation of women

You’ll come away with an appreciation of the battles you’ve won, an understanding of those you’ve lost, and the “commitment” to keep living your life with courage and character.

All topics are available as keynote presentations or half-day workshops.

Other Popular Topics

*These topics can be presented in a gender neutral format for mixed audiences

Learning, Loving, Leading, Legacy…A Woman’s Journey

The support and understanding of other women are what make the world go round. “The sisterhood” is more than a catch-phrase, it’s a way to successfully navigate the multiple responsibilities women carry in their personal and professional lives. 

This presentation celebrates those relationships while exploring the importance of women’s networks and the strength they bring to non-profits, community organizations and service clubs. 

Women in Politics

How to wield money, influence, and power: This “from the trenches” presentation takes you inside the workings of political parties and campaigns, while reinforcing the importance of women in the political process…from the voting booth to the Presidency

Networking: Making Your Connections Count *

Successful networking is more than remembering people’s names; it’s about creating an impression so they remember yours! Learn how to develop a network, as well as some creative techniques for following through once the connections have been made.

If I Ignore It, It Will Go Away *

Mastering change and overcoming the fear that accompanies it is one of our greatest challenges. Silence the negative voice in your head by learning how to view new challenges from a different perspective while employing the key survival skills of creativity and humor.

Afghan Journal *

Stories and photos from this ancient land of courage, conflict and repression, told from the perspective of a journalist and advocate. Share this inside look at a place most of us know only from: 60 second sound bites on the evening news.

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