Veteran's Sanctuary 1-11 Bright white sunlight streamed in to the auditorium of the new Veteran’s Sanctuary in Allentown, PA, lighting the way for the color-guard as they marched up the aisle.

It was gratifying to see the turnout…the large room was filled to capacity, as was the upper balcony that surrounds it. Many VIP’s and elected officials were in attendance including U.S. Senator Bob Casey and Lehigh County D.A., Jim Martin.

Community support is crucial to the success of the Sanctuary and to its residents. During an afternoon workshop, a great deal of emphasis was placed on the importance of the soldiers feeling that they have been accepted back in to their community so they can resume their civilian lives.

As our Vietnam Veterans age, and as our current veterans cope with multiple deployments, the Veteran’s Sanctuary will become an increasingly important safe haven for our soldiers and their families. They are currently trying to raise funds through a “Buy a Brick” campaign. For $100 you can add an engraved brick memorializing the name of a soldier or family member, to the Sanctuary’s outside walkway. This is an effort worthy of our support.

5 thoughts on “Veteran’s Sanctuary”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this story. It’s only right that those of us who benefit so greatly from the sacrifices and commitment of so many should step up now and support this worthwhile effort and the people working to make it available to our vets.

    1. Renee, the Sanctuary is an amazing place. Perhaps the fact that the building’s original purpose was as a religious school has something to do with the “ambiance”. The minute you walk through those beautiful leaded glass doors, there’s a feeling of peace. The auditorium is lovely, painted in a soft yellow with light streaming in from tall windows on both sides of the room. And the spectacular stained glass skylight is still there in perfect condition. It really is a place for healing.

    1. Chris, I’m sure the wonderful transformation of that old run-down school could not have occurred without the concern and contributions of many. Everyone who contributed and participated should be very proud at the end result.

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