The DC logo For a writer it’s all about having a voice; most of us write because we want to engage in the collective dialog, especially those of us who write columns and commentary. Today, the people with whom I can have a conversation just increased exponentially: My first opinion piece has been published on The Daily Caller.

“The DC” as it’s known, was founded by Tucker Carlson, a 20-year veteran of print and broadcast media, and a partner who worked in the Bush White House. Its website states that “The Daily Caller is a 24-hour news site providing original reporting from an experienced team of professional reporters, thought-provoking commentary and breaking news”…along with a blog and various regular features.

My slightly tongue-in-cheek look at the current class of 2010 women in politics, “The woman effect…from Kagan to Palin”, is also meant to make a point: We’ve waited a long time and paid a lot of dues to get to where we are today.

There are good examples of how far we’ve come baby on both ends of the spectrum. Politics aside, it looks like we’re going to get a historic third woman on the Supreme Court. Personally, I wish Elena Kagan had more of a track record. The release of the papers and emails from her years with Clinton have shown her to be a very savvy “operative”. But let’s face it, we know she’s a liberal replacing another liberal, so hopefully, no harm, no foul.

Nikki Haley’s win last night in the face of one of the worse smear campaigns I’ve ever seen, was worth the wait. She has conducted herself with class and dignity. Maybe she’s a great actress, but in the face of no hard evidence of the infidelity charges against her, I choose to believe she’s who she says she is. I heard Haley speak this morning on Morning Joe…one of my favorite shows, and she was impressive. Very intelligent, thoughtful, and smooth. Let’s hope there’s a lot of substance behind that attractive exterior package.

As I said in The DC op-ed…

Here we are, almost four decades after the start of the modern women’s movement, finally having a political impact from coast to coast and across the political spectrum. What we’ve always wanted is coming to pass: Women of all political persuasions are duking it out in the public arena, taking on each other…and the boys. They’re paying their dues, spending their own fortunes, and setting their own agendas.

I love the smell of estrogen in the morning.

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3 thoughts on “The Woman Effect…from Kagan to Palin on The Daily Caller”

  1. Looking To Escape

    “The tableau that is female politics in 2010 has all that and more. The only stereotypical “girls gone wild” vignette that we haven’t yet witnessed is a roll-on-the-floor cat fight;”
    I have been waiting!
    Never has the Republican Party had such a great opportunity as it has right now.
    Barack Obama has been shown to be inept. Nancy Pelosi has lied to the American people. Harry Reid, well, Harry Reid will always be Harry Reid, giving hope to the hopeless that you too can become a leader in the Senate.
    It’s not enough women on the Republican side are running and winning. They must come from a position of strong conviction not only what they believe is right, but that the Democrats in a few short years have been shown to be so awful. It’s time for hard knuckled politics.
    The other night I caught the tail end of the Michael Savage show. Love him or hate him, ole Mike is not out to make friends. In the segment I caught he was showing how Meg Whitman is going wobbly. Sad.
    There are 2 models Republicans should follow to make themselves distinct from Democrats:
    1) Chris Christie of New Jersey. Making good on his promises to get New Jersey’s budget under control, he has pulled out the meat clever and started hacking away at New Jersey’s deficit (on a % basis, worse than California’s). He had butted heads with a left leaning Democrat lead assembly and he is pushing them back (along with their union allies).
    2) Jan Brewer. This lady hangs tough despite the screams of the politically correct shrill eunchs. While constantly being painted as some sort of racist, she proceeds to put in place laws that protect the people of her state.
    Both of the above are doing the things that need to be done, not the things that will make them popular.
    A brief video with Christie:

    1. Looking,

      You should be writing your own column. This is a very articulate analysis.

      I’m a big Chris Christie fan and agree that his leadership should become the new model for the Republicans. I just hope the voters don’t chicken out and will continue to support him.

      I admire Jan Brewer’s courage, but don’t know enough about her or the Arizona law to be as enthusiastic about her as I am about Christie. But there is no question we have a national emergency on the border and the federal government has dropped the ball.

      Thanks for the excellent comment and the link.

  2. Looking to Escape

    “You should be writing your own column. This is a very articulate analysis.”
    Thanks, but you do not realize how dangerous I am without a proof reader.
    I also see Sarah Palin is becoming quite the Queen maker and polls show she enjoys strong support. It is not impossible she could be the Republican’s “next in line”. I like her for her enthusiasm, but I no longer see her as presidential timber. It is still safe to say she could do no than Barack Obama.
    Getting back to Nikki Haley, I have to admit I find her intriguing. I find her more so because I had been good acquaintances with an Asian Indian woman who always had taken great pleasure in digging at G.W. Bush (she is left leaning) as well as jibes that the Republicans are an all white male club.
    I haven’t spoken to this woman for sometime as she works for an international agency that helps countries set up school systems. She left for Africa a couple of years ago and communications have become quite erratic.
    Next time I catch her on messenger I want to point out Jindal and Haley to her and mention I’m looking forward to her video of her committing ritual suicide over Asian Indians having joined the dark side of America politics.

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