The Academy Awards, the tragic death of a beautiful young woman in California, the arrest of an Al Qaeda leader, flashed across our news screens and newspapers the past few days. Unless you’re a real news junkie, you could have easily missed an event that didn’t receive much coverage in the main stream media.  

To paraphrase an old newspaper slogan…Since it no longer bleeds, at least not American blood, it no longer leads. While odds were being placed on who was going to win best actress, 55% of the voters in Iraq went to the polls. Thirty-eight of them paid with their lives, thousands of our sons and daughters did too, which is why I thought the event worthy of more attention.

PurpleFinger wmnAccording to CNN, a woman standing in line to vote said it was her way of fighting back at the terrorists, another, who brought her two young daughters with her to the polling place said she had heard bombs go off and was scared but felt she had to come. It makes one wonder how many of us would do so under similar circumstances.

It is also worthy of note that the new Iraqi Constitution calls for 25% of the members of Parliament to be women. Not only did women across Iraq show their courage and determination by voting…they showed it by running.

The time for debating the validity of the war is long gone. The sacrifice of blood and treasure has been beyond measure. But we are where we are.

Let’s hope that place is the beginning of a stable future for Iraq. 

2 thoughts on “Purple Pride in Iraq”

  1. Pam,

    Have you read “The War Within.” I read it over my Christmas Vacation while in Florida. It was an interesting (sometimes frustrating) read… it really shows some people in their best and worst lights. What really struck me was the real threat present to Iraqi Democracy through the spring of 2007. In some regards, it is a miracle (and a testiment) that we can read about an Iraqi election in 2010. This election, while less sensational in the newscyle, is even more amazing than the ones held in the past.

    And bravo to the 25% female composition. That takes some doing.

  2. Pamela Varkony


    I have not read “The War Within” although I’ve heard it discussed on television. I agree, it is a miracle that Iraq has come to this point, and will be more so if they can hold this ground. My view may be overly optimistic however I do believe that if women end up with 25% of the votes in Parliament it could make the difference between success and failure. I imagine by now the women of Iraq are ready for some peace and compromise and if they have any power, they will demand it.

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