The world is full of injustice: Like the “Serenity Prayer”, most of us live each day trying to change what we can while not driving ourselves crazy over the things we can’t. It’s that “wisdom to know the difference” part that’s tricky.

But some things are so outrageous, so full of avarice and evil that you wonder how people who are subjected to them, survive.

That’s how I feel about what appears to be the blatant murderer-for-oil swap that has taken place between Great Britain, British Petroleum, and Libya. My thoughts in their entirety are available in my latest column on The Daily Caller.

It’s bad enough that mass murderer al Megrahi, the only person convicted for the Pan Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie Scotland, was released at all, but to now hear that the doctor whose report set al Megrahi free, was bought off, and to  know that Gadafi’s son admits Libya told the British the oil deal would be stalled without al Megrahi’s release, is beyond infuriating.

And as if the feeling of helplessness could be any worse, four senators are calling for a State Dept investigation. Yes, that will do a lot of good: Our leaders in Washington are so effective, I’m sure that BP will shake in terror at the thought of a U.S. investigation. That’s why our Gulf Coast is drowning in BP oil.

Al Megrahi is living in luxury in Libya and BP is about to start a billion dollar drilling operation off the North Africa coast, while the families of the Pan Am 103 victims have seen their loved ones memories trampled.

The amount of wisdom needed to handle that much injustice is more than I can imagine.

An excerpt from “The human pawns of Pan Am 103”:

In August of 2009, when al Megrahi was released by Scotland on humanitarian grounds, the story that it was a business arrangement to allow British Petroleum access to Libya’s oil fields, started to circulate among the Pan Am 103 inner circle on the secure website provided to them by the Scottish government. With the perception of a grieving mother, Jane Schultz wrote a personal letter to Scottish Secretary for Justice, Kenny MacAskill, stating:

Make no mistake that in the coming days and years, Qaddafi will make a mockery of the Scottish compassion shown today. Libya’s oil and gas fields are the only winners in your decision.

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6 thoughts on “Justice Denied for Pan Am 103 Victims & Families”

  1. The trouble was Mr Megrahi did not do Lockerbie. He was framed by perjured evidence. Pan Am 103 was destroyed by a joint operation of the US and Iran governments, to give Iran its much desired revenge for the downing of their Airbus IR-655 by the Vincennes, and to ensure that Iran did not carry out further reprisals on US aircraft, which would have destroyed HW Bush’s presidential ambitions.

    I know that this is a dreadful conclusion, but it happens as far as the evidence is available (and not a lot is) to be true, and I have gradually worked it out over the last twenty years.

  2. Michael Donovan

    Hi Pam,

    I made an entry on facebook regarding this topic. The key to most multinational strategy is the relationship that is developed between the company and the national government. Something pointed out to me years ago at Columbia in my international strategy class, and certainly confirmed by this and other events.

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Michael,

      I think if we knew what really goes on in the halls of government and commerce, most of us would be horrified.
      This has been a sickening example of no one on either side of this deal having any moral compass at all.

  3. My cousin, Jane Schultz, sent me your eye-opening article regarding how little value our governments place on all of our lives. Especially disturbing is that oil is more valuable than blood. I, also, sent this out via facebook, but will recommend everyone also post a comment in your blog. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Unfortunately, there is no resolution to what has ocurred, thus no closure for the families of vicitims of Pan Am 103the .

    1. Jill,

      Thank you for writing. The loss your extended family suffered was an almost unbearable tragedy, however injustice at this level makes it all the harder to endure. Today, it appears as though the British government is backtracking and admitting they “made a mistake” in the release. My only hope at this point is that perhaps some additional information may come out while the story is once again in the headlines.

  4. Dear All,

    To some extent we’re missing the point here. The reason that Pan Am 103 was destroyed was to give Iran its one and one only revenge for IR655, and the death count properly computed is accurate to the last death. 254 Iranians died on IR655, and 254 countable lives on Pan Am 103. Please do the math (or as we say her the arithmetic). I can assist with the calculations.

    I would like all correspondents to remember lives were lost in IR655, as well as PA103 and a relative of mine lost his in UT-772. All of these were state crimes; by Libya, Iran or the US. I shall leave you to work out which is which is which.

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