I’m in the process of moving my office which I’ve occupied for twenty-two years. A typical “type A”, my work space looks crowded and cluttered, not in a hoarders sort of way, more like a piles of papers and stacks of notes way, but I know where everything is, or so I thought until I started to dismantle it.

Tumbling out from shelves and drawers came letters, memos, accolades, and souvenirs, and most of all memories I’ve collected, but hadn’t thought of in years.

The Paper Stackpace of my highly focused packing slowed to a leisurely journey down memory lane as I sifted through one project, one accomplishment, one challenge, after another.

When I finished, I had a small metal chest, a fireproof model I bought for important papers like insurance policies, filled with much more important papers that, when looked at as a whole, represent two decades of accomplishments about which I am very proud.

I taped a note to the lid of the chest that reads “Victory Box”

I used to tell my women’s leadership classes that they should keep a “brag file”…every time they do something above & beyond, write a note to themselves and put it in there. Each time someone sends an email or memo thanking them for their help, or when they receive a great performance review, put it in the brag file. Then on those days when it hasn’t gone so well, when you’ve screwed up, or been accused of doing so even if you didn’t, pour yourself a cool beverage and go through that file and let your past efforts speak for themselves.

Sometime we simply need to be reminded how smart, how competent, we really are. Starting now, I’m taking my own advice.

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  1. Hi Pam,

    I too will begin my “Victory Box”. Just yesterday I came across an old business card from my previous business ownership. As I was about to toss it, hold on for a moment as I remembered so very many dear people and experiences during that time. It was a business I created helping others increase their own business…great feeling of competence and accomplishment…smiling ear to ear.
    In today’s age people are being hit with so very many messages on a daily basis that priorities sometime lend an unjust hand in response to another. I follow the golden rule as best I can. When I’m not dealt with the same response…well then, I will simply go to my “Victory Box”. Today I am adding an extremely kind facebook post directly to me:) Smiling ear to ear. Life is good!

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