Well do you…do you believe in magic? I do, and sometimes it is what keeps me going during those times when you think you’re never going to be happy, or successful, or appreciated, again. I believe that out there, somewhere, is always the possibility that lightening will strike and offer us mere mortals one of those rare moments when all the stars align.

Such a moment happened recently to Sarah Horn. Sitting in a Hollywood Bowl audience of 15,000 at a Kristin Chenoweth concert, Sarah had no idea that her lightening strike moment was coming. Chenoweth often chooses someone from her audience to come on stage to “sing” with her. Last Friday evening Chenoweth stopped in front of Sarah, who due to a ticket mix-up was in a different seat, to ask if she knew the words to the song “For Good” from the musical Wicked.  The result of this random audience selection is usually an endearing amateur effort followed by a quiet return to their seat.

Not this time: The video of Horn’s performance with Chenoweth has gone beyond viral with nearly two million hits. No wonder, it’s the kind of moment we all dream of having…of getting our shot. But this was so much more, Sarah Horn was ready; an unknown vocal instructor from Riverside, California, she had in her own way been preparing for this all her life. She had the goods and she delivered, knowing this would never come again. She got up on that stage in front of thousands, stood next to a Broadway star and held her own…it was magic.

The pay-off has come, too; Horn has been inundated with requests for interviews and she’s doing a little interviewing of her own…for an entertainment attorney and an agent. You go girl!! 

Sarah Horn’s inspiring performance provides a real life-lesson for the rest of us: Never give up your dreams; always believe in magic; and most importantly, be prepared to wow ’em when your moment comes. Oh yes, and when they make a mistake with your ticket, trust that your fairy god-mother is on duty and move post-haste to the new location.

6 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Magic?”

  1. That was the second feel good cry of the morning from truly inspirational videos. One of the things that we can’t put FB or this type of media down for. Sometimes, it unknowingly helps put so many things in perspective. Real life-lessons and of course fairy god-mothers!!! I believe in MAGIC!!!

    1. Val, so do I… It’s the possibility of finding magic that makes us get out of bed every morning hoping something wonderful is just around the corner.

    1. Kae, I know, I felt the same way, thought about Susan Boyle as soon as I saw it. However if I had to rate them I’d give the edge to Sarah Horn. Boyle signed up for that TV show knowing what she could do; presenting herself as talented enough to be up on that stage. Horn was sitting in the audience without a clue that her moment was about to come. And then to see her triumph like that… I still get goose bumps when I watch it. Looking forward to seeing you next week…

  2. Renee, let’s face it, we all need to believe in magic, otherwise the times that are ordinary, or worse, would be too much to bear…we all need hope.

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