We’ve seen two demonstrations of extraordinary courage by two ordinary women in the past month.

In December, Ginger LIttleton, who had escaped, put herself back in to harm’s way to try to save her colleagues. With a purse as her only weapon, she attempted to knock the gun out of the hand of a man who was threatening the Panama City School Board of which Littleton is a member. That scenario ended without the loss of any innocent life.

This past Saturday in Tucson, the outcome was not so positive, although the bravery demonstrated by Patricia Maisch was no less admirable, in fact perhaps more so because people around her had already been shot and killed when she took a fresh ammunition clip from the hands of shooter, Jared Loughner.

Unfortunately, Patricia Maisch used the ensuing publicity and media attention to go on a rant about how she believes the rhetoric of the Republican Party was responsible for Loughner’s murderous spree. How disappointing that someone who showed such courage would use that moment to do exactly what she’s accusing the “other side” of doing…ratcheting up the dialog by making accusations at each other.

I wish Ms. Maisch well and hope that she recovers quickly from what will undoubtedly be reactions of post traumatic stress. I also hope that when she comes out on the other side of this experience, she will not find it necessary to polarize or politicize the event, which was clearly the act of a mentally unbalanced person and not of a rhetoric-driven ideologue.

My expanded thoughts about this issue are on The Daily Caller

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2 thoughts on “Courage vs. Polarization”

  1. Looking To Escape

    Expect a return to the Bush era ugliness that was well evidenced during 2000-2006. Any tragic event will be used to advantage to get at those Republicans. Tucson is just the warm up.

  2. Maybe people like Ms. Maisch wouldn’t be so foolishly malleable if every American was required to memorize the constitution and be able to show understanding of its principles before receiving a HS diploma. I believe we should consider making that also a requirement for citizenship as well as being born here. Sorry but all immigrants must be satisfied with guest status. No anchor babies allowed.
    I believe these are sensible restrictions, I would even go so far as to say, a 2-4 year military service should be required for voting certification. If you are not ready to defend the country with your life, then why should you be entrusted with power to change its laws, or pick its representatives?

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