ECUADOR CHILE Chile’s President, Michelle Bachelet set an outstanding example of leadership in general, and women’s leadership in particular, following her country’s devastating 8.8 magnitude earthquake.

Before the full impact of the tragedy had been calculated, Bachelet was on Chilean television screens and air waves reassuring her citizens that all possible resources were being mobilized to help them and asking them to stay calm.

What resonated with me, was not only those very Presidential words, but more importantly, what I believe are the feminine strengths of leadership that Bachelet displayed. She followed her official message with one that spoke to the heart and soul of her people, asking them to think beyond themselves, to offer assistance to others and “to take those who are homeless into your home”.

That willingness to show empathy and understanding is a hallmark’s of women’s leadership. To speak authentically from the heart demonstrates strength, not weakness.

President Bachelet is to be commended for simultaneously taking charge of the situation and comforting her people.  

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