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One Evening…Many Stories

Thread_Postcard-1On Wednesday, March 31, in a little over two weeks, a very special event will take place here in the Lehigh Valley. It’s not a glamorous society outing, although there will be wine and hors d’oeuvres, it doesn’t cost very much money to attend, and what cost there is is a tax deductible contribution to a very worthy cause. Rather it is a one-of-a-kind celebration of love, loss, courage, and most of all the indefatigable strength of the human spirit.

The reason the Benefit Screening of the documentary “Thread”, and the panel discussion that will follow, is so unique is because until now, you would have had to travel to New York or San Francisco to share this experience. But now, the many people and their stories whose lives have intersected a half a world away, will come together, here, at our own Cedar Crest College, for one common cause; to support the rebuilding of Afghanistan and the Afghan women associates of the Business Council for Peace. .

The evening will include members of the Pennsylvania National Guard; heroes who have served in Afghanistan. There will also be well known members of the community whose generosity have helped to support the event; Bob & Sandy Lovett, Vic & Jody Mazziotti, Joe & Judy Kaminski, and Sally Gammon. The producer and director of the film, who took their lives in their hands to make this movie will be there, as well as the founder of Bpeace, who started the organization after witnessing the events of 9-11, firsthand. Palwasha

And there will be Palwasha; young, beautiful, smart and determined to help save her country. Palwasha is one of the Afghan women featured in “Thread”. Out of all the stories that will come together that night; all the “Threads” that will weave the tapestry that is “their” Afghanistan, few will be more moving than hers. Pursued by a village elder for marriage at a young age, her parents refused him and encouraged her to get an education. What was done to save one daughter could not save the other. Palwasha’s younger sister disappeared on her way to school and has never been seen again.

If you would like to hear these stories first hand, to share in this evening that will be like no other, if you would like to help the very brave women of Afghanistan, you can purchase tickets or make a donation, here.

A Little Help For Our Friends

I’ve written many times about my two trips to Afghanistan: The impact those experiences had on me was life-altering. And although the security situation has  prevented me from returning, at least for now, it has not lessened my commitment to continue assisting the women entrepreneurs of Bpeace in whatever way I can.

That is why I, along with many others in the Lehigh Valley, including Cedar Crest College, Steel Valley Raymond James Investment Group, Inc, and my co-host, Attorney Eleanor Breslin, are sponsoring a very special evening event on Wednesday, March 31, in the PalwashaSamuels Theatre at Cedar Crest.

The benefit screening of the documentary “Thread” about five Afghan women who are bravely trying to improve their lives and their country will help Bpeace to continue it’s work in both Afghanistan and Rwanda. The film is an inspiring story of courage and determination that I promise will change your perspective.

The showing of the film will be preceded by a wine reception, and followed by a panel discussion featuring the film’s director and producer, the CEO of Bpeace, and a very special guest, Palwasha, one of the Afghan women featured in the film and the young woman whose photo is above.

Tickets for the film, panel discussion, and dessert reception are a tax deductible contribution of $45. Tickets for all of the preceding, plus the wine reception are a tax deductible contribution of $75. All tickets may be purchased online at www.Bpeace.org/Thread 

Further information and a copy of the invitation to this very special event, are available on this blog by clicking “Special Events” in the top menu bar. Then click on the invitation to enlarge.

I hope to see you on March 31 at Cedar Crest College.  Your support will mean so much to so many. 

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