Welcome to Allentown: ASD Names New Superintendent

Effective  July 1, the Allentown School District will have a new Superintendent, Gerald L. Zahorchak, D.Ed.,, who currently serves as the Secretary of Education of Pennsylvania. Quite impressive to land such a well-connected high ranking official. 

The press release announcing Dr. Zahorchak’s appointment, lists his many credentials and qualifications, not the least of which are…

** His documented ability to coalesce diverse groups of educators and community leaders to reach strategic goals

** Leading the Commonwealth’s educational community so that each individual can grow into an inspired, productive and fulfilled lifelong learner

** Restructuring the focus on workforce development education to increase student placement into high-demand, higher paying jobs

** Working closely with local school board officials and superintendents to provide property tax relief to Pennsylvanians

Zahorchak’s salary will be $195,000 a year plus benefits, for the length of his five year contract. It was not specified whether a flack jacket and personal security detail were included.

Considering the news reports coming out of Allen High School this past week that ranged from a slashing incident to the disappearance of a female student who told her parents she was terrified of the violence at school,  it seems  Dr. Zahorchak has his work cut out for him.

Welcome to Allentown. Good luck. And could you please focus on that property tax relief thing?