Power Of Women is more than a phrase, it’s a mission; a journey; a force. “Power” is about women changing the world, and realizing their dreams along the way. Join Host Pamela Varkony, as she provides insights and interviews with “power-full” women from America to Afghanistan.

Pamela and her guests offer real strategies for reaching your goals by sharing their “in the trenches” stories of “Power”…How to get it, how to use it, and how to love it. From politics to philanthropy, from finance to fashion, the real “Power Of Women” is the belief that together, we can do anything.

Now Playing:”Cap & Trade: The Impact of a National Energy Tax”

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed, by a narrow margin, H.R. 2454, known as the “Cap & Trade” bill. The Wall Street Journal described the legislation as “imposing a crushing cost on businesses and consumers”. Tune in to hear Congressman Charlie Dent (R 15th PA), Fox News Commentator Andrea Tantaros, and Republican political activist Charles Snelling, tell us what this new national energy tax could mean to the country, and to your pocketbook.
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“Emotional Genetics: The Dynamics that stop women from succeeding”

We all know that we inherit our physical characteristics, but what is less known is that we also inherit our emotional patterns. Traumatic events such as suicide, early death of a parent or sibling, financial ruin, abortions or miscarriages can impact the family system for generations. What is not addressed may surface in the lives of those who come later. Emotional Genetics exposes the hidden patterns that keep us stuck and explores the effect of these unconscious loyalties on the current generation.
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“Charter Partners Institute: Preparing the next generation for the future”

Charter Partners Institute Co-founder, Todd Welsh, quickly discovered that working with and educating others is the true path to success. In the past, a business would succeed by setting their goals then hiring and training the people who could help them achieve those goals. The role of education was to prepare students to work within the known techniques, skills, and competencies that were in demand. What companies need today are employees and leaders who can develop new directions ahead of the pack.
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“Preserving Women’s Health and Dignity; The Importance of Pelvic Medicine”

Dr. Heather van Raalte, is a trained obstetrician- gynecologist who has dedicated her career to the subspecialty of urogynecology with a surgical focus on minimally invasive techniques. Dr. van Raalte is active in pelvic floor research which has been recognized on a national and international level. She has taken a leading role in the Obstetrical Pelvic Trauma Assessment (OPTA) program and research trial. She is a strong advocate for women’s health issues and participates as a volunteer surgeon for Mercy Ships/ USAID in Africa.
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“The Art & Business of Speaking: How to Profit from Sharing What You Know”

Each one of us has a story: And according to Mary McKay, there are people just waiting to hear it. Whether you want to create a reputation as a public speaker or wow your boss at the next meeting, Mary will help you gain valuable tips and ideas about how to enhance your professional reputation and build your career by leveraging your experience and knowledge through better presentation skills. Mary McKay represents an impressive group of authors, journalists, and celebrities.
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“Bpeace: Changing the World One Woman at a Time”

Toni Maloney could see the smoke and hear the sirens from her lower Manhattan window on September 11, 2001. Within months, she and a group of professional women friends had begun what would become the Business Council for Peace, Bpeace. What started eight years ago as a gut reaction to the horror of a terrorist attack has become an international volunteer network of business professionals that uses entrepreneurship to foster self-esteem, motivation, ownership, and hope. Bpeace helps women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan and Rwanda expand their businesses, create employment, and build a peaceful future for their communities.
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“Making a Difference…How to Live Your Best Life And Not Drive Yourself Crazy”

Is your life one endless blur of commitments, deadlines and lack of sleep? Does the economy have you stressed and scared? Would you like to have your own personal life coach? This is your chance to hear from an expert with some real-life wisdom & advice about how to keep it all together and smile while you’re doing it. Kathryn Zox, counselor and psychologist, is known as the “social worker with a microphone” who specializes in women’s issues.
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“Afghanistan’s Future: “A view from inside”

To most Americans, Afghanistan is a three minute sound bite on the evening news. To Hassina Sherjan, it is her life story. Beautiful, educated, successful, Hassina has dedicated much of her time and treasure to rebuilding her country. Speaking to us live from Kabul, her view from inside this ancient and mysterious culture presents a unique perspective on a place that, despite the investment of thousands of troops and millions of dollars, most Americans can not find on a map. Join Hassina Sherjan as she shares the stories of how she has become one of Afghanistan’s most successful female entrepreneurs and of a non-profit organization.
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“Rebuilding the Republican Party: The role women will play”

The Republican Party seems to be searching for its collective soul: Should it move left or right? How big does the tent need to become to win another national election? Pennsylvania’s RNC Committeewoman, Christine Toretti, along with Bernadette Comfort, Executive Director of the Excellence in Public Service Series will share their perspectives on the future. Join these two political insiders to find out what they’re doing to help women become more influential within the political process.
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“What We Really Need to Know About the Global Flu Threat”

The H1N1 virus is wreaking havoc on communities, schools, and travel plan. Is the country overreacting or should we all be stocking up on bottled water, canned goods and face masks? Terry L. Burger, RN, BSN, Director of Infection Control and Prevention at Lehigh Valley Health Network will help to sort out the real fact from the media-hyped fiction. Join Terry as she brings us up to the minute information on the spread of the virus and the likelihood that it will become a global pandemic.
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“How Women Shaped America: Their heritage and their future”

Read most history books or watch a movie and you’ll probably come away convinced that men were the pioneers who tamed this country. The Hemming sisters, authors of “Women Making America” were determined to set the record straight. After years of teaching American Studies and U.S. History, Julie and Heidi realized there were legions of women who had helped change the course of America’s history. Join Julie Hemming Savage and Heidi Hemming for a fascinating look at women who helped “make America”.
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“OPEN Book: A dialog with Mimi Griffin, Exec. Director of the 2009 U.S. Women’s Open”

Competition is a good thing: Ask Mimi Griffin and she’ll tell you about holding her own in the male dominated world of sports broadcasting and major event planning. Hard work, determination and drive have kept Mimi at the top the game. She and her company are responsible for the logistics and management of the 2009 U.S. Women’s Open. Mimi will take you inside the exciting preparations for one of the year’s major women’s sports events, including the details involved with hosting the best women golfers in the world.
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“Global Leadership: Educating Women for their Future Role”

If women ruled the world, what changes would we see? Finding an answer to that question may be closer than you think. As women assume more positions of power in government, business, and non-profits, the old model of “top down” leadership is giving way to the collaborative, team building style preferred by most female leaders. Shaping the next generation of women for their future role will be the timely topic for discussion with Cedar Crest College President, Carmen Twillie Ambar.
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